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Verify data accuracy in one swift process

With Validago, you can upload your files and run a variety of checks, including data validation, duplicate detection, and consistency checks, ensuring your data is clean, accurate, and ready for use in business-critical applications!

The private beta will start soon! Join the list to be part of it. The number of place is limited. But don't worry even if there is no more availibility you will be informed as soon as it is publicly available 😉

Clean files

Everything you need to have cleaned data

Define your rules once and reuse them as many time as you want for:


Check that your data respect the rules you have defined (example: phone number, email, etc...)


Find automatically which data are invalid to correct them in order to have the data the way you want.


Convert automatically input file to your desired output. It can be any of the supported formats: Excel, CSV and other coming.


Import files in major formats: Excel, CSV and other coming later. Don't hesitate to ask what you need.

Transform cells

Define rules to automatically transform cell content. For example convert a phone number from to +33 123 456 789

Rearrange columns

You need to select only some columns and change their order. Don't worry, simply define your rules once and then apply them on as many files as you want.


Easy and fast

You are few clics away from having your data cleaned. Upload your files, define your rules and get your data cleaned.

Contact us

We’re here to help

You have questions, suggestions, or other needs, please contact us. We are here to help you in processing your files and we do our best save you the maximum of time in it. Hope to talk to you soon!